About the CCA

What is the Conservative Councillors' Association?

The CCA exists to provide a strong and unified voice for all Conservative councillors within the Party and in the wider community. The CCA supports councillors in their important role and provides them with the tools to both work effectively on behalf of local residents and to campaign successfully as Conservatives.

Who runs the CCA?

The Conservative Councillors’ Association is an independently run organisation managed by the Local Government Board. The board is elected annually by members of the CCA. For more information on current board members please click here.

The CCA employs three full-time members of staff to administer the Association. Members of the CCA can contact us at any time for research, policy queries, campaign support or legal advice. We also have a member of staff who helps in key local government by-elections around the country.

Who can become a CCA member?

All elected Conservative councillors are required to become members of the Conservative Councillors' Association. Council candidates, parish/town councillors and members of the Party who have a strong local government connection may also join the CCA as associate members.

The annual subscription is fixed by the AGM of the CCA and for 2020/21 this has been set at £35.00 per annum. The membership year runs from June 1st to May 31st. For details of how to subscribe to the CCA please click here. For details on the benefits of membership please click here.


The CCA has been created to give a voice to Conservative councillors within the Party. We are now the largest Party in Local Government and are beginning to get the voice we have always wanted, but it must have credibility and this can only be achieved if councillors back the CCA by joining it. We now have a membership rapidly approaching 100%. With your support we can have a strong and clear voice, fighting for the interests of our councillors within the party structure.