Business and communities to unite in driving growth

The first businesses to work hand in hand with their communities to trial proposed new neighbourhood planning powers to help boost local economies were announced by Planning Minister Greg Clark.

Pickles to cut red tape that stops the public from flying flags

Eric Pickles today announced proposals to make it easier for people to fly flags of their choice without facing costly restrictions and red tape. The moves are intended to boost England's local and national identities and strengthen community cohesion.

More councils wanted to lead growth front-runners project

More pioneering local authorities are being asked to come forward to demonstrate how the benefits of development can be shared directly with their communities and neighbourhoods, Decentralisation Minister Greg Clark announced today.

Ten ways to tackle council fraud and recover £2bn a year

A new ten point counter-fraud blueprint for tackling criminals and dishonest people who are costing the country billions of pounds in fraudulent local government claims was published today by Communities and Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles.