Ed Miliband’s 52 Weeks of Weakness

Conservative Party co-Chairman Sayeeda Warsi has launched a damning report into the first year of Ed Miliband's leadership.

The report,"Fifty-Two Weeks of Weakness", marks the first anniversary of Miliband's narrow victory over his brother David in the Labour leadership contest.

The document details his weakness in the face of the unions, his inability to come up with a credible plan to deal with Labour's deficit and his failure to do the right thing and apologise for Labour's mistakes.

Launching the report, Sayeeda Warsi said:

'From his inability to stand up to his union paymasters to his failure to come up with a credible plan to deal with the mess Labour made, the past year has shown that Ed Miliband can't provide the strong leadership Britain needs.

'His message to the British people is 'vote for us - we'd do it all over again'.

The full 52 Weeks of Weakness document is available here.