Local Government Board Election

The Conservative Councillors’ Association Annual General Meeting will take place on the afternoon of 22nd February at the Local Government Conference 2019. This will be held at the Oxford Belfry, Oxfordshire.

Nominations for the CCA Board Elections 2019/20 are now closed. Voting will be held via an online website, with access granted through a code which will be emailed to members the week commencing 21st January.

Local Government Board Election Ballot 2019/20

Full instructions on how to vote in the CCA election will be provided by email in order to vote via the Board elections website.

If there is no email listed as part of your membership or the address we have for you is incorrect please contact us on 020 7984 8144 at your earliest convenience. If we have no email address for you listed on our records by 18th January 2019, you will receive a paper ballot by post. Owing to some councils’ email filter settings, we would prefer to send the ballot email to a personal email address, such as Hotmail or Gmail, to ensure receipt of the ballot email. Please inform us of your personal email address by 18th January 2019. Remember to check your junk email folder for your voting email.

Ballot papers will be issued no later than 24th January 2019. Voting will close at noon on 14th February 2019.

The elected officers will be declared at the CCA AGM on 22nd February 2019.

If you have any queries about the nomination or election process please contact the CCA Secretary Rachel Oldham on 07825 061 886 or rachel.oldham@conservatives.com.


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