Pending By-elections

There are local government by-elections taking place up and down the country, throughout the year. Pending by-elections can be viewed in the table below and you can download the full list at the bottom of the page.

Date Council Ward/Division Previous Holder
19/10/2017 South Oxfordshire  Haseley Brook Conservative
19/10/2017 Nottingham Basford Labour
19/10/2017 Epping Forest Lower Sheering Conservative
19/10/2017 Nottingham Bestwood Labour
19/10/2017 Wigan Astley Mosley Common Labour
19/10/2017 Lincoln  Carholme Labour
19/10/2017 Gravesham  Meopham North Conservative
19/10/2017 Nottingham Bulwell Forest Labour
19/10/2017 Hartlepool Seaton Independent
26/10/2017 Derbyshire Dales Ashbourne South Conservative
26/10/2017 Mid Sussex East Grinstead Imberhorne Conservative
26/10/2017 Tameside Droylsden East Labour
26/10/2017 Charmwood Loughborough Hastings  Labour
26/10/2017 Kirklees  Batley East  Labour
26/10/2017 Charmwood Loughborough Hastings  Labour
26/10/2017 Herefordshire Kings Acre  Other

The next key by-election is in Epping Forest. Please contact Natasha.Allan@conservatives.com if you would like to help in Epping Forest.


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